Some stuff about us...

What we believe:

   Who is Jesus Christ?

     What about Salvation?

   What about the Bible?

   What is coming in eternity?

  Other miscellaneous stuff:

        Do we want or need your money?

         No...access to our book is free  (But if you wish to invest in our work click here)

        Do we want you to join our Church?

         No. Our sole objective is to improve your walk with God.

        Do we know of any people in your area?

We may. The ranks of the disenfranchised and those unsatisfied with the lukewarmness of God's Church is growing. Likewise, those who see the need for a more aggressive stance to confront the multiplying sin of our culture is also on the rise. We live and work in Southern California, but know of people in many areas. Contact us and we will try to hook you up.

Do we have regular meetings somewhere?

We do. We typically meet in and encourage "Home Church" formats for fellowship and instruction. Though not as glitzy and "successful" as the typical approach, we find this direction to be the closest to the Biblical model: providing an atmosphere for depth not found in larger, more traditional circumstances. (Additionally, it also provides the best opportunity to utilize the Bible study method described in Chapter Three of our workbook).

Do we have a newsletter?

We do have a periodic e-newsletter for those that request it. (We do not share your e-mail address)


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