Basic Battle Training

Chapter 12: The Real Christian Life & Battle

For the last 200 years we in the West have lived in a virtual "Disneyland" of Christian belief and service. In this circumstance we are guaranteed freedom to worship and serve God in virtually any form we choose. Beyond this we are even granted special monetary privileges on the assumption that the work we are doing is "non-profit" and advantages society as a whole.

America is rich with opportunity and material wealth beyond any time in recorded history. In this environment it becomes very easy to miss the life promised to those whose life is described in the New Testament

The Two Covenants

The life promised in the New Testament is not the life taught in the Old Covenant. This is a critical point that is often missed by believers as they are taught the expectations of the Christian life. In the Old Testament God designed a plan that was to provide temporal blessing and reward for the faithful as well as swift judgment for sin and rebellion. For 2000 years this was so, but moving to the New Testament you find an entirely new concept: that of the Kingdom of God. This new plan and its service is vastly different from the specific work and expectations of the Old Covenant."Yea, and all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution" 2 Timothy 3:12

Standing on the Promises?

Understanding these basic differences between the two covenants, we can now move to the meat of this chapter: a multitude of verses and clear instruction and promise from God that teach:

"The Real Christian Life"

This litany of verse and description stands in marked contrast to the promise of Christian living offered today. From all the "feel good" preaching, to the "abundant living" misdirection, to the prosperity nonsense, to even your own Pastor, the above truths are often hidden in a misguided effort make money and gain "converts". These expectations and promise are a huge deception in light of the true Biblical descriptions you have just read.

This is by design, a well thought out approach that delivers a host of converts to a "partial truth" and misguided Christianity: a faith in which failure or compromise is all but guaranteed. Is it any wonder that as "converts" stream down the aisle most will fall away? It is like being sold an automobile that is gleaming and impressive to the eye but is like a farm tractor to drive. That some overcome this initial "sales pitch" and go on to labor in the true work, is testimony only to their ensuing knowledge of the real Word of God and His faithful Spirit


There is an axiom in Christianity that needs to be learned and riveted to the frontal lobe of all believers.


In our Western civilization, the life most of us live is far from the description in the verses we have cited. To live within the material and governmental blessings we enjoy puts us in a position of great responsibility and judgment (Luke 12:48). That we may be someday graced to partake and taste of the “real” Christian life described herein is quite possible and should be vigorously prepared for. To those properly prepared, and faithful, will come the blessing and reward promised!

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