Basic Battle Training

Part One: Fundamentals

Chapter 1   "Our Commander"

    A more COMPLETE description of the God we serve and should represent.

Chapter 2   "The Enemy and His Minions"

    Satan's boys described in The Word and utilized thru the ages.

Chapter 3  "Preparation for Battle"

    A simple but comprehensive Bible study plan that WORKS.

Chapter 4  "Discipleship"

    The BIBLICAL teaching on this watered down subject.

Chapter 5   "The Special Forces"

    Further on discipleship and what it means to truly "follow Jesus". 

Chapter 6   "The Objective: Salvation Properly Presented"    

    "Easy Jesus"...why so many fall away.        

Chapter 7  "Stormin' the Gate"

    The BIBLICAL MANDATE: public preaching!  

Chapter 8   "Principals of Battle" 

    How to do it...

Chapter 9   "Practical Principals of Battle" 

    Things learned in our many years at the plow.  

Chapter 10  "Tough Love" 

    The love most often found, and used in Scripture .

Chapter 11  "Battle Expectations"

    What it's really like "in the field!" 

Chapter 12  "The Real Christian Life" deference to what is presented today!  


Part Two: Motivations

Chapter 13  Motivations: "Love"

    God's heart for us. 

Chapter 14  Motivations: "The Fear of God" 

    "The Father" he fulfills His role as our parent .

Chapter 15  Motivations: "Rewards"

    An often neglected and potent Biblical grace.  

Chapter 16  Motivations: Anger, "Truth, Faith and Debt"

    The final motivators that complete this subject.


Part Three: Diversions

Chapter 17  Diversions: "The Kingdom of God"

    God's plan: oft confused and miss-represented.

Chapter 18  Diversions: "Miracles?"

    The BIBLICAL record, or today's claims?

Chapter 19  Diversions: "Pentecostal Theology"

    A walk down cartoon alley?

Chapter 20  Diversions: "Eternal  Security"

    Toward a more balanced and wise view.

Chapter 21  Diversions: "Which Bible"

    Old school vs. the supposed "new improved school".

Chapter 22  Diversions: "The Rapture Question"    

    Putting your eggs in the right basket.

Chapter 23  Diversions: "Calvinism"

    Right up there with the litany of false teaching so prevalent today!