Basic Battle Training


This workbook is designed to fulfill the needs of those who have surpassed the milk of the Word and are looking for it's meat. These would be those who have a firm grasp on salvation, it's initial growth from birth, and are ready to begin the serious business of maturity and service in The Kingdom of God. This is not a "sound bite" study but requires your diligence to absorb the depth of the material presented. With this in mind, the only tangible requirement to maximize the instruction presented here is for one to have a "hunger and thirst for God's righteousness" this we pray you are of such a mind!

The contents of this book will not take the reader to the more commonly addressed areas of God's love, how to live the Christian life or things related. This known, we will be presenting important areas of God's Word that we see have been forgotten, compromised, re-defined or falsely taught from God’s original intent. Some of these things will be obvious and will find a ready place in your soul, while others will require study and verification beyond our presentation. This said, we have included over two thousand verses to accommodate this lack and, as the Bereans of Acts 17:11, we exhort you to follow their nobility and “prove all things”.

We also realize that we may not find agreement on all the issues and content presented here, but hope that the reader will find the tools necessary to further the intent of the Great Commission and exercise this instruction  to that goal.

Though this work is designed to be read in sequence, your choice of chapters will also net that specific facet of the instruction.

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